tony geballe
is a guitarist, producer, composer, sound designer

he also teaches guitar
Tony Geballe

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latest news:

Tony played a solo set at Spectrum NYC on February 27 as part of their re-opening and 10th anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, the set was not recorded, but look for more solo performances coming up, including on June 4th in the Catskills (details coming soon!).

The second album by The Crown, Queen's Breath was released on Christmas, 2021. The album is available for download, or as a special vinyl edition with a beautiful book of artwork by 3 wonderful artists. Tony produced, edited, mixed, and mastered the album (and even plays on a couple tracks). Overseen by composer/guitarist Greg Meredith, the album features the glorious vocals of both Petra Haden and Beth Quist, and Beth plays plenty of dulcimer on it as well.

Zero Times Everything has released our second album, Sound of Music. As well as playing on the album, Tony mixed and mastered it. An Indiegogo campaign was initiated to defray production costs, and ZXE's very generous friends and fans gave us nearly 50% more than what we asked for! The double CD(!) and booklet was conceived as an "objet d'art," designed by Richard Sylvarnes and beautifully printed, but you can also purchase the music-only download

Early reviews:

Empire Music, out of Germany:

"...on the one hand, they wanted to experiment and take time for long songs and, on the other hand, wanted to integrate musicians from the New York avant-garde scene. Both were successful, although they also found something outside of New York. Sound Of Music is difficult to describe. The disc is experimental, yes very experimental, electronic, avant-garde, contains noise and industrial elements, but also lyrical and poetic splashes of color. Anyone looking for a classic (prog) rock album will give up here unnerved. Anyone who wants to set off on new musical shores and abandon old listening habits will feel at home here."

in Exposé

"...the range of sound is even greater than what was presented on their debut. From peaceful ambience to bone-crushing industrial rhythms to subtle grooves to sheer noise... I don’t regard this as a necessarily bad thing, however, and many adventurous listeners should enjoy this set."

upcoming events:

in production:

The new album by Patrick Smith, Fences, Frames and Alleys, is currently being recorded, with Tony once again serving as engineer and producer for Patrick's lovely music.

Tony is preparing to mix Errol Tout's upcoming CD, tentatively titled "Small Window Large View". Final recording sessions will be in Australia in late May, 2022, with mixing scheduled for the first half of June.

Hellboys IV, the long-feared third album by The Hellboys, is now in production, with sessions underway at L&I Studios in New Jersey, TG producing.

recently completed:

See above for news about the new releases from The Crown and Zero Times Everything

Tony played on the new CD by Jessica Gallo, Walk To The Sun, which is dedicated to our late, beloved friend Bill Rieflin. Tony was asked to contribute guitar to the piece Grace.

Patrick Smith's new CD The Call, which Tony engineered, mixed, and mastered, was released in June of 2020.

Tony remixed and mastered But Where Is The Audience? by KaiSaR, featuring Richard Sylvarnes of Zero Times Everything.

2 new albums that Tony produced and mixed were both released on August 19, 2018:

Los Días Normales by Doble Vida, which I would call evocative and thoughtful rock/pop written and plyed by the well-known Mexican authors and musicians Elisa Corona Aguilar and Eduardo Huchín Sosa. I mixed and mastered this album as well as adding a few sounds here and there. Physical CDs available soon from CDBaby, downloads also from bandcamp.


The Path of Totality, by The Crown, unique and gorgeous progressive/exotic music by a Seattle duet plus others. This recording features an interesting touch-style instrument called the Kelstone, as well as Oud, various Middle Eastern and other percussion, and the amazing voice of Natasha Natalevna. I produced and mixed this one and also add some guitar and a few other noises as well.

My band with Richard Sylvarnes and Pietro Russino, Zero Times Everything, is working on our 2nd CD. We released our first CD, Sonic Cinema, last year on Trey Gunn’s 7d Media label. (I also mixed and mastered this CD.)

Here’s what critics said:

“Sonic Cinema is a fascinating sound exploration album by Zero Times Everything. The three musicians create a magical world of cinematic sounds that draw influences from various progressive music genres.” -Progressive Rock Central

"A little amphetamine buzz, anyone? A power trio that wants to take you on a journey of the back streets of hell tickles you with pleasure and pain until you don't know which end is up. A solid bet for those that like to veer toward the dark side." -Progressive Rock Central

“This is very adventurous music. I'm sure it's not the kind of thing that's well-suited for everyone. I really like it a lot, though. When it comes to the progressive label for this, that's obvious. Perhaps this is often less "rock," but clearly it fits. I would put this somewhere in the neighborhood of the Rock In Opposition movement, but that is only so accurate of a categorization. The truth is, if you like adventurous music, you have to give this a chance. I bet you've never heard anything quite like it.” -Music Street Journal

Tony provided new original music for the free video Sexual Harrassment: Not in Our School! produced by "Stop Sexual Assault in Schools." Parents, teachers, and students are highly encouraged to be sure their schools have a copy of this important video!

Tony accompanied Markus Reuter and Angelica Sanchez in recording the CD "How Things Turned Out," playing 12-string and electric guitar on several tracks.

Master Of Disguise, the new Braindance CD, is now available at, the Braindance website - and see the video for the first single, "Lost"! Because of the extraordinary packaging - a gorgeous embossed cover and a 16-page graphic novel illustrated by Joe Simko and colored by Keiran Oats of Cadence Comics - this cd is not available as a download.

Native of the Rain now available at CDBaby (as CD or download) and from the iTunes Music Store.

**new discography page with links to purchase cds.**

Zero Times Everything is a new trio formed by Richard Sylvarnes, Pietro Russino, and Tony Geballe to play live accompaniments to The Last Words of Dutch Schultz and others of Richard's films. The band has had several live performances in NYC, including at the Film-Makers Cooperative 2013 and 2014 benefit parties, and a special showing of The Last Words of Dutch Schultz at the Anthology Film Archives on April 10, 2013. ZXE also provided the music for the opening of Valkyrie Octopus, a new work by the celebrated Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, at the MGM Grand Casino in Macau, China.

andrás visky's play Juliet/Giula, directed by karin coonrod with original piano music by tony geballe, played in orvieto, italy from june 22-24, 2012. in both italian and english, the version in each language has an exceptional performer presenting this one-woman show. the story is andras's recounting of his family's experience as political prisoners in romania in the early 1960s, told in his mother's voice.

tony mixed 8 of the 12 tracks on the new cd Molino by Daniel Reyes-Llinas, a lovely set of south american & classically tinged acoustic music...with a little electric in there too!it's avaiable from daniel's website

work has begun on the first Children of Chaos cd, the next step beyond the Hellboys. the first sessions happened in seattle april 15-17 at Avast! Studio, engineered by the marvellous don gunn and featuring contributions by bill rieflin, and members of Tuning the Air and the Seattle Circle. tracks included songs by dwight yoakam and bob dylan as well as originals by tom redmond.

the mix is complete for the new Braindance cd Master of Disguise, a darkly beautiful and powerful work featuring the astonishing fiery playing and composing/arranging of vora vor, and the moving and potent melodies, lyrics and singing of sebastian elliott. for more details and information about this unique band, who are simultaneously visceral, theatrical, intelligent and thoughtful, see the Braindance website.

tony has also been working with Compagnia de' Colombari on various works, including doing sound for the Walt Whitman-based production More or Less I Am, which was presented in 9 locations over 10 days in NYC in May, 2010. This production received a great review in The New Yorker magazine. Colombari is led by Karin Coonrod, and comprises some of the great talent of NYC. Here are some videos of the company in action.

tony's music was featured in karin coonrod's production of Love's Labour's Lost at the Public Theater in NYC, October 18 - November 6, 2011. ny times review. variety review. epoch times review that actually mentions the music!

tony did sound for La Compagnia de' Colombari's presentation of More Or Less I Am, by Walt Whitman in early september, at various nyc locations - 5 shows in 5 locations in 4 days!

tony has just competed the mix of daniel reyes-llinas's Molina project, which is now going to mastering. a lovely, lovely project featuring electric and acoustic guitars, clarinets, voice, string bass, and drums, in various combinations.

the new sun palace cd "Designed to Fly" has been released, featuring tony's playing and engineering.

the new hellboys cd a young person's guide to hell, produced by tony geballe and featuring robert fripp, tony levin, bill rieflin, vora vor, the california guitar trio, curt golden and others, is now available. it can be purchased (download or physical cd) direct from the artist or from their page at cdbaby. also soon to be on itunes!

patrick smith's solo guitar cd "Scattered Hearts" (engineered and produced by tony geballe) is now available. it can be purchased (download or physical cd) direct from the artist or from his page at cdbaby, and at itunes.

May 11, 2009, with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc

April 13, 2009, with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc

March 16, 2009, with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc

February 27, 2009, with the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists at the Teatre la Uniò, Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain

February 16, 2009, with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc

january 26, 2009, with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc

december 6, 2008, with la compagnia de'colombari at the museum of the city of new york

november 17, 2008, with jo williamson at the anyway café, nyc

august 6, 2008: hellboys project manager carolyn redmond and i made the trip to brooklyn to master "a young person's guide to hell" at salt mastering, which was recommended by joe mendelson of the trey gunn band. the cd is now assembled and (nearly) ready for manufacture. once we give final approval of the master, my work is done! it's been an exciting and scary process, taking on the producer's chair (and some engineering) for this project: all this great music and these amazing performers, and if it sounds lame in the end i probably won't get much more producing work...but, i have been very fortunate to have people who sound great to produce, and great people in the studio to help capture those sounds and put them together.

at one point i said to joe demaio at shorefire studios, while we were mixing, "i still have a lot to learn about this." he replied "i do too." so i told him that between the two of us, we pretty much don't know everything.

i've really enjoyed the process though - very happy that this year 2 cds are being released that i've produced entirely (hellboys and patrick smith), and another cd that i edited and mixed 2 songs for (stone document). the new sun palace cd is being mixed right now too, which i played on and engineered a chunk of. i look forward to learning more about producing...if anyone would like to help me continue my education, at their expense (but getting a great cd out of it), please get in touch!

july 28, 2008 with jo williamson at the anyway café, nyc

july 7, 2008 with jo williamson at the anyway café, nyc

june 23, 2008 with jo williamson at the anyway café, nyc

June 10, 2008: Mixing for the Hellboys at Shorefire Recording in Long Branch, New Jersey, has been completed. Under the expert hands of Joe DeMaio, we have more tracks featuring Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, more kickass drumming and tap dancing by Bill Rieflin, incendiary guitar by Vora Vor, and the harmonica and slide guitar of Curt Golden. And of course, more from Hellboys Tom Redmond, Tony Geballe, Victor McSurely, Luciano Pietrafesa, the California Guitar Trio, and the Hellboys Boys Choir. Expect to be stunned.

Meanwhile we have completed the recording, editing, mixing and mastering of Patrick Smith's solo guitar cd "Scattered Hearts." The CD is now ready for manufacture, with cover art and design being finalized by Pablo Mandel at Circular Studios. We recorded Patrick playing his Godin guitar at his home in Takoma Park, and if i may say so, this record is a beautiful jewel - each piece is a gem, and the whole package looks to make for an intimate and rewarding experience. I am very excited about this project.

Lastly, a plug for Joe Demaio and Shorefire Recording in Long Branch. Joe is a connoisseur of vintage gear - the centerpiece of the studio is the last major mixing board manufactured by the legendary Dick Swettenham and Helios Electronics, Ltd. Of interest to longtime Guitar Craft associates, this board - built for Olympic Studios - was owned at one time by Tony Arnold, and was undoubtedly the board that recorded "Get Crafty!," "Ophelia's Shadow," "Sunday All Over the World," and before that, many other seminal and famous session. For example, Peter Gabriel's "So" was recorded on this board - and now it is once again sweetening the sound of Tony Levin.

Joe's Shorefire Recording is packed with vintage and connoisseur gear - mics, amps, tape machines (of course Pro Tools too), outboard processing, etc. and the live room has a really wonderful sound (just take a look at the historic client list) - we are looking forward to tracking as much of the next Hellboys record there as possible.

But really the star of the show is Joe DeMaio himself. Joe came up listening to the great recordings and wondering "How did they get that sound??!!" Joe has done brilliant work for us, has made the impossible happen, and given his utmost to our humble project. Joe is golden. I cannot say enough about his generosity, enthusiasm, willingness to try things, professionalism and demeanor - and of course, his ears! We were lucky to find him. Joe also teaches Audio Engineering classes - take a look at his myspace or the studio's website for more details. For anyone looking for an expert recording or mix engineer, a great room, the flexibility of having the classic sound with up-to-date techniques as well, and someone who will be great to work with and devoted to his craft, he has my recommendation.

may 9, 2008, with the Docile Bots (kelli rae powell, jo williamson, and Special Guest Bryan Dunn), appeared on doctor cosmo's nocturnal transmissions live radio broadcast on wprb

april 7, 2008, with jo williamson, anyway café, nyc

March 31, 2008 - hellboys cd: major recording is complete and editing/mixing is underway for the upcoming hellboys album, "a young person's guide to hell." we are working at shorefire studios in long branch, new jersey, a studio with much history, a newly acquired classic helios mixing board and a Hellotron. we've completed the first mix for the cd, a song called "mr. boring," which features robert fripp's burning lead guitar, tony levin's inimitable bass, bill rieflin's sweet and ecstatic kick ass drumming, the incredible voice of kelli rae powell, and also curt golden on jaw harp, luciano pietrafesa on banjo, victor mcsurely on mandolin, tony geballe on air guitar, the hellboys boys choir...and of course chief hellboy tom redmond on guitar and vocals.

march 17, 2008, with jo williamson, anyway café, nyc

march 10, 2008, with jo williamson, anyway café, nyc

jan 27-feb 11, 2008, tony's music and sound featured in rebekah maggor's shakespeare's actresses in america (directed by karin coonrod) at the huntington theatre in boston. reviews here, here and here.

january 7, 2008, guest appearance with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc, 8:30 - 11:30 p.m.

dec 6-9, 2007, tony's music was featured in a student production of shakespeare's love's labour's lost (directed by karin coonrod) at the new school.

nov. 6-8, 2007, with tom redmond, recorded bill rieflin and tony levin at flymax studios, for the upcoming hellboys cd. all 4 of us played together on "masters of war" and a new tune which cannot be named.

oct. 26, 2007, with kelli rae powell and the hellboys, appeared on doctor cosmo's nocturnal transmissions live radio broadcast on wprb.

oct. 18, 2007, with tom redmond, recorded the california guitar trio for the upcoming hellboys cd.

september 17, 2007, guest appearance with jo williamson at the anyway café, 34 east 2nd street at second ave, nyc, 8:30 p.m.

sept. 2-5, 2007, with tom redmond, recorded robert fripp at dgm studios for the upcoming hellboys cd, david singleton engineering. photos here, here and here. also visited ben crowe's crimson guitars workshop and showroom, photos here (scroll way down).

aug 19-21 2007 recording session with the hellboys at mad oak studios in boston, ma - players: victor mcsurely, luciano pietrafesa, tom redmond, curt golden, and tony geballe

apr 15 2007, free music on tax day! tony geballe with pheeroan aklaff, laraaji, and frank london, downtown music gallery, nyc. special thanks to jonathan brainin for making this event possible

apr 6 2007 special guest appearance with kelli rae powell and jo williamson, 8:00P, bar 4, 444 7th ave (park slope), brooklyn

performed with company colombari at the iamny conference, feb. 22-24, 2007, nyc

recorded and mixed "left," by jo williamson and ann ellsworth, and other songs by jo.

created an electronic soundtrack for "variations on a meme: zion", a 30-minute abstract video by jonathan brainin. for more information email jbrainin at

sept. 28, 2006, solo concert, van der plas gallery, nyc, 7 p.m.

oct. 11, 2006 solo concert, maryland hall for the creative arts, annapolis, 7:30 p.m.


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