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But Where Is The Audience? (2018) - KaiSaR

Heavy and beautiful glitchy electronic music by "the emperor of artist bands." Mixed and mastered by Tony Geballe. Physical CDs and downloads available from bandcamp.



Los Días Normales (2018) - Doble Vida

Evocative, thoughtful rock/pop by the well-known Mexican authors and musicians Elisa Corona Aguilar and Eduardo Huchín Sosa. Mixed and mastered by Tony Geballe (who also adds a few sounds). Physical CDs available from CD Baby, downloads also from bandcamp.



The Path of Totality (2018) - The Crown

Unique and gorgeous progressive/exotic music by the Seattle duet plus others. Produced and mixed by Tony Geballe (who also plays on a few tracks).



Sonic Cinema (2017) - Zero Times Everything

Experimental/ambient-industrial/avant-garde trio with Tony Geballe, Pietro Russino, and Richard Sylvarnes. Mixed and Mastered by Tony Geballe



How Things Turned Out (2016) - Markus Reuter

"Markus is joined by pianist Angelica Sanchez and guitarist Tony Geballe for nine rule-based improvisations (only 7 of which are published here) that combine the elegance of modern classical music with the calm beauty of ambient music." - Angelica Sanchez: Grand Piano; Markus Reuter: Live Electronics, U8 Touch Guitar; Tony Geballe (Parts 1, 4, 5, 6, 7): Electric Guitar and 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synth



Master of Disguise (2012) - Braindance

Mixed by Vora Vor and Tony Geballe (I also play a bit on this one, and am a member of the live band)



Molino (2012) - Daniel Reyes-Llinas

Mixed by Tony Geballe



Designed to Fly (2009) - Sun Palace

Engineer, Guitarist

Drake Entertainment DECD 6171


New Words for Old Lullabies (2009) - Kelli Rae Powell, voice, ukulele, guitar, piano

Featuring Tony Geballe on "Sleeper Train"

Firecracker Records FIRE-0002


A Young Person's Guide to Hell (2008) - The Hellboys

Produced by Tony Geballe

Featuring Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Bill Rieflin, Vora Vor, The California Guitar Trio, Tony Geballe and many others


Scattered Hearts (2008) - Patrick Smith, solo guitar

Engineered, Produced and Mastered by Tony Geballe


Anamnesis (2008) - Stone Document, Dennis Tirch (guitar), Mike Roze (drums), Mark Christensen (stick)

2 tracks produced by Tony Geballe


The Scandalous Accounts of My Youth (2006) - Kelli Rae Powell, voice, ukulele, guitar, piano

Produced and Mastered by Tony Geballe

Firecracker Records FIRE-0001


The Dream of "I" (2006) - Doug Wyatt

Tony Geballe: Electric Guitar (one track)

Sonosphere SNZ-001


Give Me A Perfect World (2005) - Sun Palace

Tony Geballe: Co-Producer, Engineer, Guitarist, Composer

Drake Entertainment DECD 6171


Cha Cha With The Hellboys (2004) - The Hellboys

Hellboys 666123

Tony Geballe: Electric Guitar

Also features The California Guitar Trio, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Robert Fripp


Marching Ants (2004) - The Europa String Choir

Burning Shed


Untune The Sky (2003) - Trey Gunn

Inside Out IOMACD 2071-2


Destiny (2003) - Shanee

Co-writer and guitarist on the song "Destiny" from Shanee's CD, "Change in Color"


Road Journals (2002) - The Trey Gunn Band

First World Records FWD 0215


Live Encounter (2001) - The Trey Gunn Band

First World Records 0113


Into Heaven (2000) - Sun Palace

Drake Entertainment DECD0001


The Joy Of Molybdenum (2000) - The Trey Gunn Band

Discipline Global Mobile DGM0001


Native of the Rain (1997) - Tony Geballe

Discipline Global Mobile DGM 9703

Intergalactic Boogie Express (1995) - Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists

Discipline Global Mobile DGM 9502


Cosmic Rock (1995) - The Aunties

Birdman Bros CD1


Ophelia's Shadow (1991) - Toyah

Orig: EG/Caroline EGCD 78

Reissue: Vertical Species VSR002CD - Digitally Remastered w/new artwork


Show of Hands (1991) - Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists

Editions EG EEG 2102-2


Madame Salami's Garden (1990) - The Aunties

Birdman Brothers/BB 31 (New Zealand)


Get Crafty! (1988) - Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists

GCS 001


Live! (1986) - Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists

LP: 1986.11 UK Editions EG (Jem) EGED 43

CD: 1986.11 UK Editions EG (Jem) EEGCD 43


Desire (1986) - Toyah

Virgin/EG EGLP 71


Moonlight Dancing (1986) - Toyah

Virgin/EG EGOX 35


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