Native of the Rain:

 "A gorgeous debut recording of solo 12-string guitar. Highly recommended." - Guitar Shop

 "An exquisite sonic solution for guitar buffs looking for a masterful acoustic guitar experience." - 20th Century Guitar

 "Just one man and his twelve string guitar, an abundance of creativity and invention, and some amazing chops...These are all his own compositions, many carrying some subtle folk and medieval influences. One can sense Geballe’s amazing sense of rhythm and melodics on the faster more complex tunes, while the more dreamy pieces recall some of John Abercombie’s compositional sensitivities, and perhaps Ralph Towner as well. One of the clearest examples of this sense of stark and idyllic introspection is the nine minute “Awakening,” the album’s longest cut. Overall this is one very satisfying disc, and one that no guitar fan should be without." - Peter Thelen, Exposé Magazine

 "Reflects the beauty of the guitarist's hometown of Seattle. Infused with a languid grace." - Guitar for the Practicing Musician

 "An awesome display of what happens when someone plays the 12-string with power and grace. There have been few solo guitar records of late that have given this reviewer goose-bumps and deserve wide recognition, but this is one of them...these compositions resonate with unfathomable brilliance." - Santa Fe Sun

 "Deftly bridges the chasm between pop accessibility and meticulously crafted musicianship. Geballe's compositions, awash in dazzling, evocative sonic cascades, demonstrate just how far one exemplary musician can push the musical envelope armed with only one 12-string acoustic guitar." - NY Newsday

 "Geballe's debut CD is a highly melodic and beautiful affair. His engaging approach on the instrument ranges from the delicately spirited to the playful and storming on the disc's ten sterling tracks. A most enjoyable and captivating release worthy of investigation." - Innerviews

 "The textures he manages to pull out of an unadorned 12-string are inspiring." - Progression

 "Whiffs of folk music arise from his plaintive melodies and a sense of open air pervades." - Echoes

 "On these beautifully recorded pieces Geballe gives a virtuoso performance." - Exclaim

 "Particular favourites include Awakening with its languid build into a bright, cheery play on a variety of themes. Per Moana, the simplest piece, has a laid back quality that releases any tension from my shoulders everytime I hear it while Dancing Inside is awash with that wonderful 'glad to be alive' style of fingerpicking." - Wind and Wire

 ***** (The Best - Highly Recommended) - Ear Magazine


with The Trey Gunn Band:

 "Guitarist Tony Geballe was equally impressive....When Geballe wasn't taking part in the interlocking guitar licks with Gunn, he was offering a full and robust acoustic-like sound from his guitars, and from an instrument that can only be described as 'a half-eaten wooden fruit with strings' that I later found out from Tony was called an electric 'Saz'....After the show, there was definitely a buzz as folks were waiting for the band to come out and sign autographs. I picked up a copy of Tony Geballe's EXCELLENT 12-string tour de force Native of the Rain, and had him sign it." -Michael Askounes in Eclectic Earwig Reviews

 "Tony Geballe...creates a beautiful racket, mostly on electric guitars..." -Bill Meredith, Fort Lauderdale City Link


Ophelia's Shadow (Toyah):

 Billboard on Ophelia's Shadow "A very fine set of atmospheric tracks. Backed by guitarist Tony Geballe and Stick player Trey Gunn, Toyah conjures strong moods."

AMG review of Ophelia's Shadow


Music for Theater:

 The Village Voice about Beggar's Opera: "This funky costume drama with Tony Geballe's retooled folk songs is the ensemble's most accomplished work yet."

 Backstage about Beggar's Opera: "On the positive side of this production is Tony Geballe's strong, mood-inducing music."

 Backstage on Faustus: "Music, composed and performed by Tony Geballe, contributes to the moodiness and humor of the piece."

 Town and Village on Faustus: "The somber, haunting music, composed and performed by Tony Geballe, adds a suitable, otherworldly atmosphere to the magic and alchemy of the play's words."

 New York Newsday on Emperor of the Moon: "A chorus of women, punked out in black gear, delivers a nose-thumbing rendition of a love chant with teasing, contrapuntal audacity. It fulfills all our dormant fantasies about the Roches headlining in a Berlin cabaret deconstruction of Lysistrata."

 Danbury News-Times on Othello (4/24/05): "The production gets a terrific lift from Justin Townsend's scissor-sharp lighting and the mood-inducing original score of Tony Geballe."


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